Modernizing your stack?
Don’t get stuck with old school monitoring.

Gen 2 monitoring isn’t up to the task – See Enterprise Cloud Monitoring in action instead

Your app going down is annoying. Spending days, or even weeks, searching for the root cause of the problem is frustrating. But knowing it’s also undermining your company's digital transformation is exasperating.
It doesn’t have to be this way - Watch the series now!

  • Power Demo 1: Monitoring redefined for the enterprise cloud
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  • Power Demo 2: Monitoring hybrid, multi-cloud environments

  • Power Demo 3: Deliver unrivaled user experience

  • Power Demo 4: Eliminating alert spam with automated, AI-powered monitoring

  • Power Demo 5: Monitoring the full stack

  • Power Demo 6: Monitoring container and microservice environments

Complex enterprise cloud environments require a completely new approach to monitoring. We recognized this years ago and purpose-built the new Dynatrace platform specifically for today’s hybrid, multi-cloud, microservice architectures.

In this series, you’ll see how Dynatrace takes you beyond traditional, gen 2 monitoring into the new multi-cloud, gen 3 world.

We demo how Dynatrace enterprise cloud monitoring helps you deliver better software faster, modernize and automate your environment, and deliver unrivaled user experiences because it is: 

Imagine what it could do for your IT Ops. 

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  • Full stack availability and performance monitoring
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  • Easy monitoring with no configuration
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  • Full scalability—scales with your needs