“How to” with Dynatrace Workshop series

Kubernetes / Azure / AWS / Kafka

Summers are meant for fun times with friends and family and we want you to be able to enjoy yours!

Moving to cloud gives companies access to technology that allows them to respond quickly and efficiently to business needs. But how do you optimize performance in a hybrid environment? Join Dynatrace for this series and come to understand step-by-step how to use Dynatrace in your hybrid cloud environments. This summer series will show you how to monitor the Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, and Kafka so you can enjoy more time in the sun.

Kubernetes “How to” - On-demand
What you will learn:

  • Deploy the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator to automatically discover and instrument all your application PODs
  • Ingest Kubernetes Events
  • Segregate your environment so each application owner can easily see the pods/services for which they are responsible
  • We’ll also share a few sample dashboards

Azure “How to” - On-demand
Key topics covered:

  • Dynatrace full-stack agent using site extensions
  • Integrate Microsoft Azure in Dynatrace using OOTB extension
  • Visualize the metrics in Dynatrace

AWS “How to” - On-demand
What you will see:

  • Deploy Dynatrace agent in EC2 instances
  • Automate deployment of Dynatrace full stack agent using CloudFormation
  • Pull AWS metrics in Dynatrace
  • Visualize AWS metrics in Dynatrace

Kafka “How to” - On-demand

  • How the Dynatrace OneAgent can automatically discover your Kafka clusters and begin extracting key metrics to determine the health of your clusters
  • Setting up your Kafka applications to automatically trace ingoing and outgoing messages
  • How you can extend the current out of the box capabilities that Dynatrace provides to further suite your needs
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Asad Ali
Director, Product Specialist at Dynatrace
Wayne Segar
Senior Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace