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Take advantage of the next generation of Dynatrace synthetic monitoring

On-Demand Customer Webinar

Traditional synthetic monitoring often cannot keep up with the pace of change in today’s applications nor provide adequate coverage to understand the external health of mobile apps. Dynatrace has built a new platform that addresses many of the common limitations of a synthetic-only approach to monitoring end-user experience.

Shawn White, VP of Digital Experience Operations, and Brittany Connett, Performance Engineer, cover:

  • What has changed in the market that makes understanding the digital experience of your customers so important
  • A hands-on overview of the new synthetic monitoring capabilities in Dynatrace
  • How easy it is to set up, record, and analyze synthetic tests, and how it seamlessly integrates into our full-stack monitoring

Register and watch now to see how this next generation of AI-powered synthetic monitoring, part of our full-stack monitoring capabilities, can provide immediate root-cause and business impact information.

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Shawn White VP, Digital Experience Operations

Shawn is a builder at heart, with over 20 years’ experience in the Silicon Valley technology business. Whether it’s IT infrastructures, customer-centric teams or community organizations, give him the raw materials and he’ll create something amazing. Shawn helped architect, build and operate our first globally distributed digital experience monitoring network, then added customer support and internal IT for this operation along the way. More recently, he rebuilt our customer success organization, producing record retention rates for our digital experience solutions.


Brittany Connett Performance Engineer

Brittany is a Performance Engineer at Dynatrace. She started out as a synthetics guru, but as the digital world is transforming so is she! These days, you'll find her talking about the awesomeness a unified approach between real user + synthetics + full stack monitoring provide while helping customers define their own digital transformation strategy. .

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