Drive Innovation, Speed, and Agility by Upgrading to Dynatrace SaaS


Please join us on September 12th at 3:00 pm ET for the webinar: Drive Innovation, Speed, and Agility by Upgrading to Dynatrace SaaS. With the newest innovations of Grail, AppEngine, and AutomationEngine, Dynatrace SaaS is supercharged to deliver answers and drive automation from your observability and security data. 

Because of these new innovations and the scalability and security of Dynatrace SaaS, Dynatrace managed customers are re-thinking their deployment strategy and upgrading to Dynatrace SaaS

Join this session with Jason Ostroski, Principal Solutions Engineer, to learn:

  • The benefits of leveraging Dynatrace SaaS for delivering answers and driving automation with Grail, AppEngine, and AutomationEngine. 
  • Dynatrace’s industry-leading security and privacy practices and how Dynatrace SaaS meets and exceeds high-security standards from regulated industries like banking, financial services, insurance, and healthcare.
  • Planning and executing a seamless Dynatrace SaaS upgrade yourself or with the Dynatrace Services team.

We hope you can join us!

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