Manage and Secure Complex IT environments


Agencies struggle to manage complex IT environments because they lack full visibility throughout their entire IT ecosystem. With the digital transformation at the top of their priority list, they need to pursue a path that allows them to drive rapid changes, foster team collaboration and improve user experiences. And they must do so with zero trust-level security.

That’s why AI-enabled, observability – or automatic and intelligent observability – is playing such a critical role today. In this presentation, Dynatrace Public Sector Chief Technologist Willie Hicks demonstrates how observability is empowering agencies to simplify the complexities and challenges of technology while automating operations and maximizing performance, thus guiding them toward a fully realized digital transformation.

In this presentation Willie will share:

  • How IT leaders are leveraging AI to dynamically discover and map dependencies among entities throughout the complete software stack from legacy systems, hybrid/multi-cloud to microservices 
  • A demonstration of an application security model that provides visibility into all tool vulnerabilities 
  • How zero trust fits into … everything 

Audiences will walk away from Willie’s presentation with a clear vision of how to arrive at this state of secure performance excellence.  

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