The State of SRE in 2022


Site reliability engineering (SRE) has moved center stage as organizations look to harness automation and AI to accelerate digital transformation. Most organizations, however, remain relatively immature in their adoption of SRE, which is an often-misunderstood discipline. This is why we undertook the mission to better understand the State of SRE in 2022.

Watch this webinar to unpack the findings from the report, to understand SRE best practices, to get some tips on how to be a better ‘SRE’ and more importantly, to hear from 3 panelists who are SREs in their respective organizations.

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Saif Gunja
Director of Product Marketing at Dynatrace
Stephen Townshend
SRE at IAG New Zealand
Danne Meira Castro Aguiar
SRE at Kyndryl
Michael Cabrera
SRE at Vivint