Dynatrace on Azure

Hybrid, cloud-native environments are the driving force in digital transformation. Dynatrace and Microsoft have expanded their partnership to accelerate cloud transformation and are pleased to announce new offerings coming to market.

The Dynatrace platform will be available on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS solution. This will support organizations in their quest to accelerate innovation and tame cloud complexity by getting all the benefits of Dynatrace’s underlying cloud-native, web-scale architecture while operating in the cloud of your choice.

In addition to Dynatrace SaaS on Microsoft Azure, Dynatrace will be natively integrating into the Azure Portal. This will provide a seamless experience for using Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability and application security capabilities in Azure. We’ve co-developed this with Microsoft, and the new onboarding experience will provide the following:

  • Consolidate billing through the Azure Marketplace
  • Send Azure logs and metrics to Dynatrace
  • View Azure resources and services monitored by Dynatrace
  • Easily deploy the Dynatrace OneAgent to Azure hosts, containers, PaaS, and web applications
Getting started with Dynatrace on Azure has never been easier. Reserve your spot to be contacted on Dynatrace SaaS or Azure Portal today.
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