Taming the Complexity of Web-Scale IoT Applications

A 2018 Global CIO Report

The Top 5 Challenges faced by 800 CIOs around the world.

The business potential for IoT is mega but what can’t be ignored is the exponential complexity that IoT creates for the IT environment. If this complexity isn’t tamed, the consequences of performance issues in IoT ecosystems could be catastrophic.

Dive in to find out:
  • The extent to which new multi-cloud, container and microservices technologies are causing mounting pressure for CIOs
  • How much time and money is being spent on resolving digital performance problems
  • And how AI is fast becoming a lifeline for organizations looking to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.
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IoT exponentially increases IT complexity


predict that IoT will become a major performance burden


are worried that spiralling numbers of wearables could make it impossible to manage mobile performance

Performance blind spots put IoT strategies at risk


think that IoT performance problems will directly impact business operations and damage revenues


think there is a risk that organizations could roll out IoT strategies without a performance plan in place

Visibility into web-scale IoT applications is limited


fear losing control over the user experience as the IoT delivery chain continues to become more convoluted


have major concerns when it comes to the number of third-parties and internal resources involved in IoT service delivery chains