IoT Consumer Confidence Report

Challenges for Enterprise Cloud Monitoring on the horizon

A new global research report surveys 10,000 consumers to understand their IoT experiences to date and highlights their performance related concerns for the future.

Dive in to find out:

  • How poor performance could hamper consumer adoption of IoT devices
  • The extent of consumer concern about potential IoT failures in self-driving cars, smart home applications and smart medical devices
  • How often IoT users are already experiencing outages and problems

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What's inside

  • IoT on the road and the potential for software glitches is a major concern for consumers.

  • 72%

    of consumers think software glitches in self-driving cars will cause serious injuries and fatalities

  • 84%

    will be deterred from using self-driving cars as they fear software malfunctions

  • Consumers are worried that IoT performance problems will lead them to losing overall control of their home.

  • 83%

    of consumers are concerned about losing control of their smart home due to performance problems

  • 81%

    of consumers are concerned about being overcharged for smart meter usage due to technology and software problems

  • Consumers have serious concerns about the potential for IoT performance problems or failures in healthcare.

  • 84%

    of consumers are concerned their clinical data could be compromised

  • 74%

    of consumers aged 55+ would not trust IoT devices to administer medication

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