Lost in the Cloud?

Top challenges CIOs face amidst their complex enterprise cloud ecosystems

Based on 2018 research surveying 800 global CIOs. Dive in to find out:

  • The extent to which new multi-cloud, container and microservices technologies are causing mounting pressure for CIOs
  • How much time and money is being spent on resolving digital performance problems
  • And how AI is fast becoming a lifeline for organizations looking to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.
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Cloud Complexity


Based on a global survey of 800 CIOs, this report examines the challenges organizations face when working within complex enterprise cloud ecosystems. Technology is at the heart of every organization today. Now more than ever, organizations need to move fast, be agile, and go digital in order to compete and differentiate. Hybrid multi-cloud, microservices and containers, DevOps, user experience demands and the need for scale and enterprise grade solutions all contribute to the increasingly difficult task businesses face when trying to monitor and manage performance.

What's inside

New technologies are adding colossal complexity
of organizations will deploy new, major technology in the next year
are worried IT complexity will make it impossible to manage performace effectively
Impossibility faced by CIOs trying to protect user experience
say multi-cloud deployments make monitoring user experience difficult
believe that confidently managing user experience is nearly impossible, due to outside factors
To simplify cloud complexity AI is critical
fear AI will be critical to mastering increasing IT complexity
either have or will deploy AI in the next 12 months