Webinar: Using AIOps to focus I&O resources on what really matters


Now more than ever, infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams are under pressure as today’s environments become even more demanding. Therefore, it’s critical that organizations move fast and transform from just “keeping the lights on” to a smarter approach that enables self-service and business value creation. But with resources tight, when an outage or performance issues occur teams must react.

But that’s where automation and AI become critical to organizations.

Most recently, many organizations have invested in the use of AIOps as it’s emerged with the promise of helping businesses automate operations and turn data into insights. Done right, it can help you get out of the endless firefighting loop and focus on what matters. But where do you start?

In webinar, our Dynatrace SVP of Product Management, Steve Tack, and Guest Speaker and Senior Analyst Rich Lane of Forrester share their insights on AIOps – the major use cases, benefits, and paths to successful enterprise adoption. Specifically, the webinar will cover:

  • What AIOps is, and I&O teams can leverage it to reduce tool fatigue, get insights from rising data volumes, and enable self-service.
  • The different approaches to AIOps, and what organizations should consider with each approach.
  • Best practices on AIOps and how businesses can embrace it within their organizations.

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