Webinar: DevOps to NoOps - Digital Transformation is not just about technology, 80% is culture - a CTO perspective


In 2014 the Dynatrace transformational team was asked, “What will the future of monitoring be like in 2020?”. The answer, “We have to reinvent everything; not just the product, but how the software is built, managed, released, and supported”.

This reinvention is truly one of the most remarkable business transformation stories. Not only did the team deliver one of the most disrupted platforms in the industry, but the process by which they have automated the delivery of software, is a lesson that is now taught to major enterprises around the world.

Hear from the 'mastermind' behind the vision and execution, Dynatrace’s CTO Bernd Greifeneder on what it took to radically change the culture, sell a vision, and deliver on what is today's market leading Software Intelligence Platform. Specifically, he’ll talk about:

  • How we’ve transitioned from 2 to 26 major releases a year.
  • Our industry-first innovations; Davis (AI engine), OneAgent, SmartScape, and Purepath.
  • How we’ve shifted from DevOps to NoOps; if you build it you are responsible.
  • Our move to an autonomous cloud delivery methodology that has become the industry standard of software development for major enterprise brands.

Hear it first-hand. A rare opportunity to interact with a figurehead in the software industry.

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