Webinar: Ensuring Scalability and Availability of Government Digital Services during COVID-19


COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives in every way possible – of those most hit by this disruption are Government departments and agencies around the world, which are frantically trying to manage communication with the public in any way possible to help address concerns and support communities in these challenging times.

Websites and applications are under pressure more than ever before and we’re witnessing extreme slowdowns, disruptions in service, and offline periods.

Preparing for such an event was impossible and unpredictable. Whilst we cannot expect perfection, we can offer support to help teams optimize for performance, scale, and reliability.

In this webinar, Dynatrace Performance Expert David Jones will provide a Government specific situational analysis of website and application performance, and the simple best practice steps that can be taken to maintain performance. Specifically, he will cover:

  • How performance has been impacted across Government sites
  • What the biggest challenges being faced by Government bodies, with specific customer examples
  • What best practices organizations can put in place now, and for in the future, to cope with the unprecedented changes that are arising

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