Power Demo: Continuously improve user experiences with full-stack front-end monitoring


As more business and transactions shift online, there are increasing demands on IT to deliver perfect digital experiences to customers, 24 hours a day, on every device. However, the complexity of IT environments that deliver user experiences outpaces many organizations’ ability to understand which issues on the back-end have the greatest impact on users, and exactly what is causing those issues to occur in the first place. A radically different approach is needed to scale to meet the market’s expectations of seamless digital experiences.

Join us to learn:

  • How to prevent user impact with availability monitoring, fix issues quickly using AI-powered answers, and optimize user experiences through performance and analytics
  • Why AI and automation at the core of Dynatrace deliver answers into exactly where and why users are impacted by back-end issues and application performance
  • Why it’s mission-critical to take a comprehensive approach to improving user experiences and what the market-leading all-in-one platform can do for you
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Daniel Kaar
Dynatrace Expert
Daniel is passionate about application performance. He helps organizations around the globe to implement a modern, real user centric monitoring approach. Daniel has more than a decade of experience in software engineering in multiple industries and languages. He enjoys traveling, rare beef and never forgets to bring his camera.