Performance Clinic: Why Devs Love Dynatrace - Fullstack Observability & Distributed Trace Analysis (Episode 1)


As a developer you are asked to create high quality software faster. Fullstack Observability and automated distributed tracing with code level visibility give you all the data you need to analyze and understand response time hotspots, CPU and memory usage, errors and exceptions, service dependencies, synchronization and thread issues, inefficient database calls, problematic libraries or impact of 3rd party components.

In Episode 1 of this Performance Clinic Series, Sergio Hinojosa, DevOps Fanatic at Dynatrace, shows you hands-on on how you can use Dynatrace in your development & test environments to automate observability and analysis of your applications & services. We will learn how to analyze problematic transactions in complex & hybrid distributed systems. We will dive into easy access of your distributed traces (we call them PurePaths) and how Dynatrace automatically shows the hotspots so that you can easily optimize or fix them.

Make sure to bring your questions as this session will allow you to live Q&A with Sergio.

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Sergio Hinojosa
DevOps Advocate at Dynatrace
Andreas Grabner
Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace