Performance Clinic: Serverless, observe smarter! Analyze and optimize serverless operations with Dynatrace!


Operating serverless functions can be a challenge. Although small in size, their specific lifecycle model and ephemeral nature make them tricky to handle. As mostly intermittent layer between tiers, problems have huge implications and are difficult to detect before affecting users. Therefore, end-to-end observability is key.

This Performance Clinic gives an in-depth insight into Dynatrace capabilities to get automated observability into serverless functions. Gernot Reisinger and Thomas Rothschaedl walk you through the journey of Dynatrace OneAgent deployment, integration to Dynatrace real user monitoring to cold start detection and other operations and optimization use cases.

As a special bonus, we will present how you might make your AWS Lambda functions respond faster.

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Gernot Reisinger
Product Architect at Dynatrace
Thomas Rothschädl
Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace
Andreas Grabner
Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace