Performance Clinic – An Inside Look at Very Large Enterprise Deployments of Dynatrace 


There’s no other product on the market that is capable of deploying not only at the speed, scale and extensive capabilities of Dynatrace but there’s no other group like the Dynatrace Enterprise Solution Architect team with the experience and know how to get it done using the most optimal methods, avoid early on problems from becoming large issues later, maximize adoption rates, prioritizing the most critical topics and have the experience to solution through the most challenging use cases typically encountered at such scale. Proper planning is everything.

Very large deployments involve managing higher expectations, tougher security, larger numbers of deployment locations, complex network traffic patterns, comprehensive self-monitoring, challenging backup, DR/HA considerations, tool consolidation, conversions, alerting strategies, managing the majority of feature that Dynatrace has to offer, very large managed clusters and environments, complex hybrid cloud & container use cases and typically thousands of applications with hundreds of teams. In this performance clinic, Brett Hofer, the Lead Managing Architect of the Dynatrace Enterprise Solution Architect Team will walk us through some of the major concepts and best practices that his team brings to Dynatrace’s largest accounts that help make these a success.

Also, make sure to have your questions ready as we are opening up for public Q&A at the end of the session!
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