Performance Clinic - 
Distributed Tracing with Dynatrace

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Distributed tracing is all about seeing how different services are connected and how your requests flow through those different services. It allows for the finding of cause-effect relationships between events, for instance, identifying which user action in a browser caused a failure in the business logic layer. Distributed tracing has been a core component in Dynatrace from the very beginning and allows for powerful analytics.

In this Performance Clinic; Sonja Chevre, Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace, will look at how Dynatrace automatically traces transactions between services for most technologies and what value we get out-of-it. We will discuss challenges of distributed tracing in today’s highly dynamic microservices and cloud-based environment:
  • How can you trace through a cloud service?
  • What if Dynatrace doesn’t support your framework or technology out-of-the-box?

We will show you with a practical example how W3C trace context support and the OneAgent SDK can help. Ultimately we will discuss our plans around OpenTelemetry.

Also, make sure to have your questions ready as we are opening up for public Q&A at the end of the session!
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Sonja Chevre
Technical Product Manager
Andreas Grabner
Global Technology Lead