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Performance Clinic - Mastering Cloud Foundry with Dynatrace – Episode 2

Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier than ever to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Dynatrace’s support for Cloud Foundry helps platform operators and app owners to ensure a continuously great developer experience when deploying applications on the platform as well as optimal end-user experience when using the deployed applications. Dynatrace is continuously extending its product capabilities to better support platform operators and app owners to ensure a perfect platform experience.

In this second episode, Mike Villiger, Sr. Technical Partner Manager, together with Daniela Rabiser, Technical Product Manager will walk us through commonly seen use cases such as understanding how Auctioneers are handling application and task placements on Diego cells. Mike & Daniela will demo the latest product enhancements focusing on Gorouter and Auctioneer platform component metrics.

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Andreas Grabner Performance Advocate at Dynatrace

Andreas Grabner has 15+ years’ experience as an architect and developer in the Java and .NET space. In his current role, Andi works as an advocate for high performing applications in both the development and operations areas. He is a regular expert and contributor to large performance communities, a frequent speaker at technology conferences and regularly publishes articles blogs on


Mike Villiger Sr. Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace

Mike has spent the last 20 years occupying various engineering positions surrounding web-scale performance, architecture, and operations before joining Dynatrace in 2014. At Dynatrace Mike specializes in supporting the technical integrations between Dynatrace and Pivotal solutions, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Concourse.

Daniela Rabiser

Daniela Rabiser Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace

Daniela focuses on broadening and deepening monitoring capabilities for enterprise cloud platforms. Before joining Dynatrace, Daniela conducted research in the area of feature and variability modeling for industrial software ecosystems.

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