Performance Clinic - 
Automate Deployment and Site Reliability with Bots, ChatOps and Dynatrace


Automation has been driving our industry over the last years. Leveraging bot technology and integrating it with ChatOps solutions is a newer trend we are seeing. At the recent Dynatrace Perform Summit in Barcelona, Zohaib and Nestor have shown their investment in bot technology which is now taking care of deployments, validate quality gates, self-heal their environment in case of a problem or allow anybody to query performance charts through Slack.

Join the last Performance Clinic before the summer break and let Zohaib UL-Hassan and Nestor Zapata from Citrix explain their different bot use cases, get insights into how they implemented them and learn how you can integrate Dynatrace monitoring data into your own bot automation framework.

Also, make sure to have your questions ready as we are opening up for public Q&A at the end of the session!

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