Performance Clinic: Automate service delivery with Keptn, Atlassian and Dynatrace


Are you suffering from manual deployment validation, one-off remediation of incidents, and time wasted in war rooms?

Then you’ll want to join this Performance Clinic with Ian Buchanan of Atlassian and Rob Jahn of Dynatrace. They will show how Atlassian, Dynatrace and Keptn together fully automate the service delivery process, seamlessly connect workflows, and bring real user experience and application code-level technical insights.

Ian and Rob will demonstrate:

  • How to assure no bad code ever reaches production and to drive automated canary or blue/green deployments using real-time user traffic by adding automated SLO-based Quality Gates in Bitbucket pipelines
  • How to automatically send first responders all the relevant root cause information to act on the most important issues, immediately and efficiently by setting up notification and alerting rules in Opsgenie
  • How to automate playbooks with remediation hints (e.g. adjust memory setting, switch back to green, re-start service)

Have your questions ready as Andreas Grabner is going to moderate Live Q&A at the end of the webinar.

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Ian Buchanan
Principal Solutions Engineer for DevOps at Atlassian
Rob Jahn
Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace