Webinar: How to include OpenTelemetry as part of your observability strategy


OpenTelemetry is the latest cloud-native project, focused on providing standardized transaction-level observability data across many programming languages and platforms. While the project is still very young, there is a strong industry backing and at it becomes more widely adopted it will become a core building block of future observability strategies.

As a relatively new project, it’s important to get an understanding of the underlying technology, best practices for adopting it, and how it is used to solve real-world problems.

To help provide a better understanding of OpenTelemetry and its core principles, Morgan McLean, Product Manager at Google and Alois Reitbauer, Chief Technology Strategist at Dynatrace will share their insights and best practices in this webinar.

Specifically, Morgan will provide his insights into the project, where it is headed and how it ties into APM products and Alois will cover analysis patterns for observability, go through a typical analysis and explain how they work, and demonstrate how Dynatrace will support OpenTelemetry data.

With these insights from two experts in the field, in this webinar you will:

  • Better understand OpenTelemetry and the project roadmap and learn best practices for Open Telemetry with APM tools.
  • Discover how Dynatrace provides insights with OpenTelemetry data.
  • Learn different data analysis patterns for observability data, including visual trace, problem root-cause and much more.

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