Webinar: Get Digital Experience right with 360-degree measurement


Customer experience is the single biggest differentiator, and the top priority for the majority of CEOs.

In today’s digital economy, how are you able to ensure a great customer experience across so many digital touchpoints?

Not easily.

Today, multiple teams measure customer experiences in different ways:

  • Marketers measure digital campaign performance, social media engagement, organic website and application analytics
  • Ecommerce teams understand customer content interaction
  • Product managers optimize customer product engagement
  • DevOps teams obsess on the role of tech performance, features, functions and application performance

However, the truth is, each team only sees the proportion of the experience it measures, leading to blind spots and incorrect decision making. A new holistic and customer-centric approach to understanding digital experience is needed.

But where do you start?

In this webinar, Guest Speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst James McCormick will look at best practices to effectively measure digital experience. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why a holistic approach to measuring digital experience is critical for businesses today
  • The opportunity of a 360-degree experience measurement
  • How best to get measurement right, and where to start

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