Webinar: DevOps best practices - Q&A with Andi Grabner


Our DevOps activist Andi Grabner hosts our live Q&A session for July, as he shares his insights and expertise on best practices for DevOps, and how you can best implement them in your business.

During the session he’ll also share what inspired his career path, love of DevOps, and journey with Dynatrace from books of inspiration to life experiences throughout his career.

This is also your chance to ask Andi anything during the webinar – the more questions the better! So be sure to bring your questions ready, actively engage with us, and debate best practices with our high in demand DevOps expert!

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About this series: Each month we’ll be holding a Live Q&A with a Dynatrace expert to discuss content that has inspired them in their career, and the key takeaways that have helped shape their teams and solve challenges today. This is a unique opportunity for an open conversation with leaders in the software intelligence space.

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Andreas Grabner
DevOps Activist at Dynatrace