Cloud Hero webinar series:
Delivering remarkable customer experiences on tap


Presenter: Mark Forrester, Digital Application Support Manager, Mitchells & Butlers
Mark is joined by Dave Anderson, SVP of Marketing at Dynatrace, as they discuss the transformation Mitchells & Butlers has undergone with Dynatrace and how our AI engine, Davis, now plays a key role in their team.

By the way, Mitchells & Butlers is the UK’s largest pub and food chain. How cool is that?

What's this webinar all about?

  • Hear how Mitchells & Butlers has increased revenue sales by a fifth through our software intelligence platform.
  • Learn how to map technical performance to business outcomes, no matter how complex your IT environment.
  • See how this food chain has used AI, automation and Session Replay to send user experience soaring.

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Digital Application Support Manager, Mitchells & Butlers
Mark re-joined Mitchells & Butlers in 2018 as Digital Application Support Manager. He is a key stakeholder in delivering the digital operating model reviewing business requirements, technologies, and resources to make sure they are all utilized to their maximum potential. Using an Agile methodology, the digital team has led the transformation by streamlining the interactions between support, development, and DevOps by bringing continued availability growth to the digital platform before its migration to cloud infrastructure later this year.