Power Demo: Turbo Charge Security Investigations with Observability Data

Speed up threat hunts with Dynatrace Security Investigator


Modern applications are complex, leaving bad actors with an ever-expanding attack surface to exploit vulnerabilities. While reliability issues may be security issues in disguise, it can be hard to conclusively determine root cause due to incomplete log data. The recent MOVEit vulnerability illustrated some of the key data challenges organizations face when trying to find critical answers to questions like “were we exploited?” and “was any sensitive data stolen?”.

Join our security experts for a live demo to see how runtime context, including vulnerability analytics, metrics, and traces, can expedite your security investigations and enable you to proactively hunt for threats and swiftly resolve incidents.

You'll learn how to use Dynatrace and the Security Investigator App to:

  • Uncover indicators of compromise using observability data to fill log gaps
  • Easily document and enrich your investigation with your findings for better compliance and collaboration
  • Improve threat hunting efficiency and speed of investigations

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Justin Nichols
Lead Security Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace
Amit Shah
Director of Product Marketing at Dynatrace