Spring4Shell: Identify and minimize your production risk


With new application security vulnerabilities constantly being discovered and exploited, it can be hard to know whether your application is impacted. Just three months after Log4Shell, a new critical application vulnerability called Spring4Shell was published last Wednesday. The vulnerability can be exploited for remote code execution and is found in the widely adopted open-source Java Spring Framework that is used by 60% of developers in their main applications.

Watch this Spring4Shell webinar to discover how you can find the specific apps and processes at risk.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • What is Spring4Shell?
  • How to check if your application(s) are vulnerable
  • How Dynatrace can detect and assess vulnerabilities like Spring4Shell and Log4Shell with real-time risk assessment
  • A demo of runtime vulnerability management in Dynatrace’s Application Security module

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Robin Wyss
Application Security Sales Engineer at Dynatrace