Power Demo:
Map and Prioritize Runtime Vulnerabilities


According to Dynatrace CISO Research, 77% of CISOs say it's a significant challenge to prioritize vulnerabilities because of a lack of information about the risk they pose to their environment. On the flip side, 88% of CISOs say vulnerability management would be easier if solutions combined application runtime context with vulnerability analysis and risk impact assessment.

Join Erik Klein, Director of Solution Engineering, for a 30-minute Power Demo to learn how to accomplish the following with Dynatrace Application Security solutions:

  • Leverage AI-powered risk and impact assessment to gain the information you need to prioritize critical vulnerabilities.
  • Make vulnerability resolution easy for developers with automated runtime vulnerability analytics and remediation advice.
  • Enable SecOps to gain visibility and confidently implement countermeasures leveraging automated analysis of runtime context and security intelligence.
  • Plug into existing tools and processes to intelligently automate the creation, assignment, and resolution of vulnerability tickets. 
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Erik Klein
Director of Solution Engineering at Dynatrace