Observability Clinic: Dynatrace Business Events - Expanding Observability into your business domain

On-demand Webinar

Dynatrace business events ensure the real-time precision that business and IT teams need to make data-driven decisions and improve business outcomes. Business events deliver the industry’s broadest, deepest, and easiest access to your critical business data, enabling you to unify, store, and instantly analyze massive volumes of business data from anywhere, automatically enriched with the IT context needed to unlock precise AI-powered answers and automation.

Watch this Observability Clinic to see Klaus Enzenhofer, Principal Product Manager at Dynatrace, walk through an end-to-end example of ingesting, exploring, and analyzing your organization’s critical business data. The tutorial covers ingest options via the OneAgent or the API, the configuration to extract business events from your HTTP requests or payloads, and how to use DQL (Dynatrace Query Language) to provide answers to business-relevant questions.
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