Observability Clinic

The Observability Guide to Platform Engineering - Part 2: Observing and Analyzing Backstage, Argo, GitLab and Co

Tuesday, February 27
11:00 am ET | 4:00 pm GMT | 5:00 pm CET

Internal Development Platforms (IDPs) contain critical platform services that enable developer self-service (such as Backstage), version control & continuous integration (GitLab, GitHub, …) as well as continuous delivery (Argo, Flux, …).
Like any product, observability is needed to understand whether those components of your platform work as expected, are efficient, resilient, and provides the desired value to the end-users.

Join this Observability Clinic where Andreas Grabner, CNCF Ambassador and Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace, walks you through:

  • How to observe (logs, metrics, traces …) platform tools such as Backstage, Argo, GitLab and others
  • How to analyze any issues with those components using Dynatrace Notebooks
  • How to automate observability into your self-service platform use cases
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Andreas Grabner
Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace