Observability Clinic: OpenObservabilty without boundaries with Dynatrace


Dynatrace is the only analytics platform that connects all your observability data (metrics, logs, traces, events, security, end user) from any data source (OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, FluentBit, K8s API, OneAgent …). With DQL, Dynatrace Notebooks and Dashboards as well as the AI-supported Automation platform capabilities everyone can get the answers out of any observability data!

Join this Observability Clinic where Henrik Rexed, aka Mr. Is It Observable, will show you:

  • How to ingest any OpenObservability data from Prometheus, FluentBit, OpenTelemetry
  • How Dynatrace connects logs, metrics, traces, events independent of the data source
  • How to analyze your data with DQL, Dynatrace Notebooks and Dashboards
  • How to automate your daily tasks through data & event-driven Dynatrace workflows
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Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace