Observability Clinic: Kubernetes managed by Davis


Kubernetes is a platform to build your platform is what Kelsey Hightower famously said. It’s a good start but not the endgame. To build a platform you need observability that scales like you scale your K8s clusters and nodes to handle the additional workload requirements from your application teams.

To ensure resiliency you need to get alerted on any potential problem and get the root cause to decide on the next action.

In this Observability Clinic you will learn how:

  • Dynatrace does automated observability into logs, traces, events, and metrics
  • Dynatrace Davis alerts you on relevant signals and provides root cause
  • You can optimize K8s based on the experience from instrumenting thousands of K8s clusters of our existing customer base

Make sure you join live as we will have an open Q&A session at the end of the hands-on presentation.

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Andreas Grabner
Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace
Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace