Observability Clinic: Unlock the power of platform engineering with the new Dynatrace k8S experience


Kubernetes, known as the “platform for building platforms,” has broad adoption among enterprise organizations in running, managing, and orchestrating containerized environments at scale.

Kubernetes-centric requires numerous expertise to deliver reliable applications. In This complex environment of interconnected technologies across a containerized environment introduces various challenges related to visibility, resource utilization, security, orchestration, and collaboration. To tackle these challenges, Dynatrace developed a purpose-built solution for platform engineering teams that reduces complexity through automated workflows, including auto-scaling, deployment validation, and anomaly remediation.

In this webinar, we will uncover the power of Dynatrace's platform helping platform engineers gain invaluable insights and comprehensive view on the health , state of their Kubernetes clusters. Henrik Rexed and Florian Geigl will walk you through the features and capabilities of the Dynatrace application, showcasing how it streamlines the diagnosis, analysis, and enhancement of Kubernetes resource definitions.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • Understanding the various tasks that a Platform engineers has to handle to help team build and deploy reliable applications
  • Unveiling the diagnostic and optimization potential of the Dynatrace application
  • Examples of Dynatrace query Language helping you to identify unoptimized resources
  • Example of Dynatrace workflow:
  • generating alerts if application team are not respecting our platform requirements
  • interacting with Dynatrace Edge Connect

Whether you're a seasoned Kubernetes professional or just diving into the world of container orchestration, this webinar promises insights and actionable strategies to help you manage with efficiency your Kubernetes environments. Join us for an illuminating session on mastering Kubernetes with Dynatrace!"

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Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate
Florian Geigl
Senior Product Manager