Observability Clinic: What is Dynatrace and how to get started (Aug 2023)


Is my app up & running? How are my users using our latest version? Do I meet my SLOs? Do we have any new vulnerabilities? Are there any new error logs in my microservice on K8s? Do I have any hotspots in my serverless distributed traces? Dynatrace provides all those answers: automated and in the granularity you need it supported by our own Davis AI.

Join this session if you are an SRE, DevOps, Security or Platform Engineer, Business Owner, Developer or Automation Engineer.

Andreas Grabner, DevRel at Dynatrace, will walk you through the first steps with Dynatrace and show you how to:

  • ingest your logs, metrics, traces, events and real user data
  • identify critical vulnerabilities and security attacks
  • observe your k8s or serverless workloads
  • ensure health of your hybrid-cloud services
  • analyze your latest deployments
  • optimize your applications business outcomes
  • understand your end user behavior
  • integrate into your DevSecOps tools
  • automate remediation, reporting and incident handling

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Andreas Grabner
Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace