Observability Clinic: A Practitioners Guide to "Dynatrace AppEngine: Everything thinkable is now possible"


At Perform 2023, Dynatrace revealed Dynatrace AppEngine, enabling users to create custom, compliant, and intelligent data-driven apps. AppEngine brings logic to data, thus offering users myriad new ways to get value from data using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform

In this Observability Clinic, Dirk Wallerstorfer and Stefan Wasserbauer provide a technical view on how AppEngine works, how Apps can extend the Dynatrace platform with custom use cases and give you tips & tricks on how to get started with building your own apps.

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Andreas Grabner
Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace
Dirk Wallerstorfer
Prinicpal Product Manager at Dynatrace
Stefan Wasserbauer
Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace