Observability Clinic: Developer Observability - Part 1: Automated Diagnostics


Distributed Traces, Metrics, Logs, Memory Dumps, Thread Dumps, CPU Sampling, Snapshots and more... In this day of age developers have access to an incredible amount of observability data to monitor and diagnose their applications. While this data is helpful when investigating issues it can also be overwhelming.

Dynatrace empowers developers to get the most out of their data by detecting issues and their root causes before they become problems.

In Part 1 of this series Andreas (Andi) Grabner, Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace, will focus on the Dynatrace features around automated diagnostics such as detecting inefficient code executions, misconfigurations, root causes of crashes or race conditions.

You will learn how to analyze distributed traces and logs to identify top problem patterns in distributed environments, how to analyze CPU or Memory hotspots, how to detect vulnerable code and how to leverage Dynatrace to automate those checks as part of your development process.

In future parts we will focus on features that enable live debugging to deliver instant insights into problems in production.

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Andreas Grabner
Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace