Find and Protect Vulnerabilities in Your Code Before They are Exploited


As the recent MOVEit mass exploit demonstrated, it’s essential to ensure that all applications are secured and protected against potential threats. Yet, despite the use of Application Security testing tools, critical vulnerabilities (like SQL injection in the case of MOVEit) frequently leak into production. This makes it crucial to continuously evaluate applications for security issues, even after they are deployed. 

Join Susan St. Clair, Principal Security Solutions Engineer, for a 30-minute Power Demo to learn how you can use Dynatrace Application Security solutions to: 

  • Continuously monitor both pre-production and production application environments for code level vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically evaluate all requests passing through your applications to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  • Leverage deep code level insights into each detected vulnerability to implement targeted remediation.
  • Precisely block exploits on code level vulnerabilities until they are remediated.
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