AMA Live – Dynatrace AppEngine Everything thinkable is now possible


At Perform 2023, Dynatrace revealed Dynatrace AppEngine, enabling users to create custom, compliant, and intelligent data-driven apps. AppEngine brings logic to data, thus offering users myriad new ways to get value from data using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform.

In this Ask Me Anything Live,Brian Chandler, Jason Ostroski, Rob Jahn, Markie Duby, and Henrik Rexed will provide a technical overview of how AppEngine works and how Apps can extend the Dynatrace platform.

They will spend an hour taking any questions about the AppEngine, so bring your questions! We’ll do our best to answer them all during the stream.

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Brian Chandler
Sales Engineer at Dynatrace
Jason Ostroski
Principal Sales Engineer at Dynatrace
Rob Jahn
Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace
Markie Duby
Principal Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace
Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace