Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations

Cognitive Ops Is The AI Version Of IT Ops Management And Application Performance Management

August 25, 2017

Technology has grown too much and too quickly for humans to monitor and operate it effectively. While computer-assisted analytics helps firms react to and resolve problems faster, predicting and preventing them is the Holy Grail. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros are continuously optimizing back-end and business technology to move their teams toward predicting problems across the vast technology and application landscape. The market is full of vendors offering solutions with predictive capabilities to assist with this transformation; this report tells I&O pros what's out there and what to expect.

Download this Forrester report to learn how cognitive operations can enable companies to make predictions to:

  • Reduce the effort of owners of performance and availability
  • React and resolve problems faster
  • Prevent problems before they affect the customer
  • Give meaning relative to the business impact