Surfing the waves of digital disruption in the open banking revolution

Are you ready for PSD2?

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In a few short months the EU's Payment Service Directive II (PSD2) will roll out, to encourage the growth of the digital single market.  This will create a major advantage for consumers; fundamentally changing the way they interact with their financial data and bank accounts to give them greater flexibility and choice.  If banks want to ride the waves of this digital disruption, they will have to re-evaluate how they differentiate themselves in a such a fast-paced, open ended world.

In our infographic you'll see how:

  1. Compliance is just part of the story - innovation is key
  2. Many parties will influence, impact and put at risk, the customer experience
  3. How to ensure that you deliver your customers an unrivaled digital experience

To master the waves of the digital disruption, banks will need to monitor the experience of every user and every transaction that crosses any layer of their digital ecosystem - regardless of who is delivering the end service to the customer.  The ability to automate monitoring processes and harness Artificial Intelligence capabilities (AI) to reduce the burden on IT teams will be critical to success.  With Dynatrace you can

  • Surf the waves of digital disruption
  • Speed up innovation
  • Optimise and safeguard the customer experience 
  • Achieve end to end, AI driven digital performance monitoring

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