From 0 To DevOps in 80 Days:

The Dynatrace Transformation Story [Blog Reprint]

Market disruption can spark innovation and radical change, and DevOps — as a set of best practices — has emerged from software industry disruptions. Why? Because, over the years, delivering software in many organizations has become harder, slower and more error prone. Outdated technology became a disadvantage for older, established companies competing against startups without years of accumulated technical debt. Rigid processes and an old fashioned mindset blinded these enterprises to new business models hindered their ability to innovate.

The same happened for vendors in our market at Dynatrace. Dynatrace has existed since 2005 and, even back then, was disrupting and pioneering the 2nd generation of APM tools. In 2011 it became apparent that the market was going to be disrupted once again.

In order to maintain and extend the leadership role in such a disrupting market Dynatrace made a strategic decision to transform the way software was designed, developed, tested, built and operated within the engineering organization. The decision to move from 2 releases / year of an On Premise product to a 26 releases / year SaaS & On-Premise Managed offering was made, supported and pushed from the top down.

Read this story for the details, lessons learned along the way, and the success we are enjoying today!

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