How to Implement DevOps Automation and Achieve True Cloud Agility

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Case Study: Dynatrace's Journey Toward Delivering Business Transformation

Every business today is a software business. To this end, nearly every organization on the planet is quickly attempting the impossible – to dramatically shift to becoming a software company. Speed of transition is imperative – go too slowly, and the competition will erode your relevance.

To address the need for speed, Dynatrace has embraced the cloud, implemented DevOps practices, applied automation to increase productivity, and utilized container and microservice architectures to allow for faster development and deployments.

This brings an exponential increase in complexity, with enterprises today needing to gain visibility and performance intelligence into their entire ecosystem, from their new dynamic cloud platforms, to their static legacy systems – and everything in-between.

In this case study, Forrester reviews how Dynatrace is successfully accelerating innovation in response to this rapidly changing market, and outlines the best practices identified by the company during its business transformation, to help other organizations replicate its success. .