Executive Brief: Closing the Customer-Experience Gap with Digital-Performance Management

Produced by MIT Technology Review in partnership with Dynatrace

Digital business accounts for nearly a quarter of the world’s economy today, and industry analysts expect that percentage to keep growing. But too many organizations still lack a complete, integrated view of the digital customer experience they’re delivering.

That’s because IT teams and their business-side colleagues typically use separate approaches and tools to view, monitor, and measure the quality of that experience. As a result, nobody sees the big picture. That gulf in understanding hampers a company’s ability to optimize its digital outcomes and, ultimately, impedes its digital-business success.

This exclusive report describes how to close the customer-experience gap through digital-performance management (DPM). It describes the benefits and potential challenges of this important emerging approach, and offers expert insights on getting started with DPM today.

Learn how to manage the performance of complex applications.

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