Hot or Cold? Utility Digital Benchmarks Review 2017. How to improve digital performance

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45 seconds.
That’s how long Energy providers have per month to digitally engage with customers. 92% of utility customers expect a consistent and effortless experience across all digital channels, yet often their complaints relate to web and app issues rather than outages or leaks.* How can you make every second count?

Learn how to improve digital performance and what the Big 6 stats are when it comes to customer journeys.

Presenters Dave Anderson, Global VP Marketing at Dynatrace and Julia Townsend, Utilities Lead at Dynatrace discuss:

  • How site performance impacts customer satisfaction.
  • The big 6 – how do they stack up when it comes to customer journeys?
  • How to ensure a consistent and performant experience across all digital channels.
  • Benchmarking your critical journeys against the best in the business.

This on-demand webinar is not just for the utility sector. Digital is a key channel in driving increased levels of customer self-service and satisfaction across all sectors. Find out how we can help you deliver excellent web and mobile performance to improve customer experience.

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