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3 Things You Can Still Do to Prepare for Holiday Traffic Spikes

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On-Demand Webinar


Getting ready for a big traffic spike like the ones that come around the holidays, and the business that comes with it, can be exciting times for companies…but they can also create a lot of stress and anxiety for teams responsible for making sure everything goes perfectly.

Luckily there’s still 3 things you can do, even after code lock, to make sure you’re prepared. Register now for this webinar, “3 Things You Can Still Do to Prepare for Holiday Traffic Spikes,” and make sure you know the answers to, and solutions for, the following questions:

  • Are you 100% prepared for significantly higher load?
  • Is your plan for rapid root cause analysis and immediate correction water-tight?
  • What happens if your site can’t handle the mobile volume?
  • Is your site ready for real world traffic (devices, browsers, different geographies)?
  • Have you validated that ALL components (your infrastructure, application, 3rd parties, CDNs) have been tested, tuned, and are ready for prime time?

A free webinar from Compuware APM
Mark EshelbyMark Eshelby
Senior Product Manager

Mark is responsible for strategy for high performing load and test offerings for Compuware. Mark has worked in the automated software quality field for 20 Years and has worked with hundreds of companies on their performance testing objectives.
David JonesDavid Jones
Technical Engineering Director

David has more than 15 years’ experience working with web technologies, starting with some of the first commercial HTML/SGML authoring software to the latest cutting edge web and mobile technologies. He has provided direction on IT performance strategies to dozens of Fortune 1000 global organizations.