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Starting Your DevOps Journey: Practical Tips for Ops

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Based on the State of DevOps Report* companies that have adopted DevOps best practices have 3x fewer failures in production and 24x faster MTTR. But the fact is that the majority of IT teams have not started implementing DevOps. Why? Because they simply don’t know how to get started.

Even when DevOps is not fully embraced throughout the organization there are still benefits. And getting started can be quicker than you think.

In this webcast, Andreas Grabner, Chief DevOps Activist at Dynatrace shares practical tips that all IT groups from Dev to Ops can use to get started quickly. With experience from hundreds of DevOps deployments, Andi will provide insights it would take your team months or years to learn firsthand.

  • Learn how everyone on your Ops team can use APM to better understand and monitor SLAs, Performance and End User Impact of their applications.
  • Foster better collaboration between Ops and architects by extending basic system monitoring to monolith and microservices architectures.
  • Shift-left your testing and QA by working with metrics that you and the architects agreed on up front, resulting in early relevant feedback and faster code deployments.
  • Hear why changing the cultural mindset from “fear of change” to “Continuous Innovation and Optimization” is critical for success.

Andi is joined by guest speaker, Brian Chandler, Systems Engineer at Raymond James, who will share commonly used Ops dashboards that increase collaboration across IT teams and pro-actively break down silos!

If your DevOps adoption is stuck in analysis paralysis join us to get insights you can apply at your organization--today!

*In addition, companies using DevOps are two times more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals (from the State of DevOps report by Puppet Labs 2015)

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Brian Chandler Systems Engineer at Raymond James

Brian is a technologist and communicator. He’s had the opportunity to work intimately with multiple enterprises across various industries including pharmaceutical, automotive and financial. Brian loves data and making others excited about it, and thinks about things like: What goes into a click? What had to happen to make that page load? What are the ripple effects of introducing new services and functions into an enterprise production environment? How can we improve business performance with app performance?

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