Practical Tips for Ops: End User Monitoring

The DevOps Journey Series Part 3

Companies that have adopted DevOps Best Practices have 2555x faster lead times* in delivering new features to their end users. However, speed of delivery is not the only success metric! Success must also be measured on how end-users react to the speed of innovation.

Getting insights into how your end-users react to the changes you deploy allows you to share valuable feedback to the Dev and Biz teams. The teams can then see clearly how their changes impacted end-users and where fine tuning can improve infrastructure performance.

In this webcast, Andreas Grabner, Chief DevOps Activist, and Brian Chandler, Systems Engineer, share practical tips that IT groups can start to implement quickly. You'll learn:

  • Best approach for monitoring end-user mobile versus desktop versus tablet versus service end-points;
  • How to evaluate network bandwidth requirements by app, service and feature; to better understand and optimize resource consumption;
  • How to optimize your delivery chain in depth by understanding who is using your app, where, and on what device;
  • Clear view on which features are being used the most, the least, and what kind of behavior can be observed that is useful in tuning performance.

*In addition, companies using DevOps are two times more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals (from the State of DevOps report by Puppet Labs 2016)

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