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How Verizon Innovates Through AI-Driven
DevOps with Dynatrace on AWS

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With Verizon’s global customer base, managing and constantly improving customer experience for over 5 million users can be challenging. They found themselves spending too much time searching for and remediating bugs in their code, which reduced the quality of their customer experience and left little time for innovation. That’s why they initially turned to Dynatrace and AWS — to help them streamline the process of finding and remediating issues. They quickly realized, though, that they could do a lot more than simply find bugs by leveraging both AWS and Dynatrace, which led them to a complete DevOps transformation.

By leveraging AI-driven feedback provided by Dynatrace along with AWS services such as AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeDeploy, and Amazon Route 53, Verizon completely revamped the speed and quality of their deliverables.

Watch this webcast to learn how Verizon is using Dynatrace on AWS to optimize their delivery pipeline. You'll learn:

  • How Verizon was able to speed up build and test cycle times by 3x, in just 6 months
  • Best practices for implementing DevOps feedback loops through monitoring with Dynatrace on AWS
  • How Verizon leveraged Dynatrace to make their DevOps strategy proactive, rather than reactive

Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
Andreas Grabner, Chief DevOps Activist at Dynatrace
Anil Chintalapudi, Senior Technical Manager at Verizon

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