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Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

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The modern technologies that accelerate speed of innovation, enable hyper-scale deployments, and promote business agility also make monitoring applications the same old way too difficult and labor-intensive. While some APM tools have gotten pretty good at correlating metrics, they still leave the heavy lifting to you.

You’re left configuring thresholds, figuring out what went wrong and why — it’s more than a human can handle manually. Only automated AI-powered monitoring can keep pace with the speed at which your team is innovating.

Daniel Kaar, Technology Strategist at Dynatrace, discusses how monitoring with AI can help you, including:

  • Why AI is necessary in today’s world of complex environments and deployments
  • Why current monitoring is not sufficient 
  • How AI operates when doing root cause and business impact analysis

AI does all of the discovery and analysis that takes teams of experts hours or days, in milliseconds — more accurately, and using fewer resources.

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Daniel KaarTechnology Strategist at Dynatrace

Daniel is passionate about application performance. He helps organizations around the globe to implement a modern, real user centric monitoring approach. Daniel has more than a decade of experience in monitoring, enterprise software architecture and software engineering in multiple industries and languages. He enjoys traveling, rare beef and never forgets to bring his camera.

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