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Adobe's eCommerce Digital Transformation Journey

On-Demand Webinar
Digital performance is a journey, not a destination. For the eCommerce team at Adobe, their journey to change the world through digital media and digital marketing includes enabling their customers to explore and purchase products anywhere, on any screen. The creative community are tough customers, so making everything work 99.99% of the time while delivering the rich, artistic experience that Adobe's fans expect doesn't make life easy for the eCommerce group. But it's a challenge they've embraced!

Adobe's Greg Thomsen, Event Management Analyst, shares the steps his team has taken to transform their eCommerce platform and processes to be more resilient and responsive. You'll hear about the cultural changes and collaboration supported by the combination of Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring and Application Monitoring, including:

  • Accelerating incident management through automation
  • Driving business alignment with management views
  • Successful cloud migration
Learn about the hurdles cleared, the lessons learned and Adobe's vision for the future of their digital performance management strategy.
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Greg Thomsen  Event Management Analyst, Adobe


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